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What is a Tire Kicker – 10 Authentic Facts

When you waste time on the phone with someone with no intention of purchasing, you waste important time that you could have spent with genuine prospects.

It would help if you determined whether the prospect has genuine purchasing intent and decision-making power. These are the two primary ingredients of a good prospect’s formula. The candidate is most likely a tire kicker if they are not present.

The point is that your sales team needs to discover tire kickers faster and get them out of your pipeline. Reps can concentrate on prospects likely to buy and deliver a winning sales pitch more frequently.

What Is Tire Kicker?

A tire kicker, in a phrase, is a leader who will never buy what you have to offer. They might be interested in your product or service. They may even be interested in making a transaction. Tire kickers, on the other hand, can’t or won’t ever make a purchasing decision.

Tire kickers are people who visit auto dealerships looking for a new car, and they will test drive a few models to assess their interest and then depart without purchasing a car. Some tire kickers may even take the vehicle for a spin. 

In many circumstances, you may believe you’re dealing with a genuine car buyer only to learn they’re a tire kicker who’s been extending the sales process unnecessarily. Tire kickers started in car dealerships and have become used to describe indecisive prospects throughout the sales industry.

How To Identify Tire Kicker?

identify a tire kicker

Have you ever gone to a shopping mall and returned empty-handed? Please don’t fool yourself; we’ve all been there. Now and then, we all go window shopping. We’ve all been tire-kickers at some point in our lives. More than we care to admit.

Because we’ve all done it, we can connect to it and try to understand how typical tire-kickers behave. Here are some characteristics of someone who appears to be a good fit but will end up squandering your time:

  • They have many questions for you
  • They pose numerous concerns
  • They bargain over the prices
  • They are hesitant to proceed with the transaction

It’s critical to search for giveaways early in the sales process, so you don’t waste too much time dealing with a tire-kicker. Instead, once you’ve identified a tire-kicker, ignore them and move on to a potential client.

How To Deal With a Tire Kicker?

While turning tire kickers to clients is not straightforward, it is certainly doable with the correct sales procedure. Here are some things you can do to overcome their sales objections and position yourself to turn them into paying customers. You should ignore a tire-kicker and go on to a potential client.

Score your prospects

If you’re not sure you’re dealing with a tire kicker, start by scoring your prospects, aligning them with your buyer personas, and qualifying them based on buyer intent.

Try to guide your conversations toward their budget and buyer readiness. It’s not a bad idea to see whether they’re available for purchase. They may not require or be able to afford your services, but they may in the future, so you can always follow up later.

Automate tasks

If you have to deal with tire kickers regularly, the least you can do is automate a lot of the laborious work that comes with it. Sales are about more than just selling; they are also about operational effectiveness. Any time saved from administrative tasks equals more time for productive pursuits like negotiating deals. This is where sales automation comes into play.

Eliminate friction

A slow sales cycle is inconvenient for your customers since each additional touchpoint represents another potential for the purchase to fall through. This is particularly true of tire kickers. Because they are impatient, your sales process must be concise, structured, and simple to traverse.

Can You Convert a Tire Kicker To a Potential Buyer? 

While there’s little possibility of converting a tire kicker who has no desire to become a paid customer, if fear is the only thing stopping them, you might be able to convert them.

If your prospect is experiencing decision paralysis due to too many goods, providers, or price options, but you know their pain problem is significant, make an effort to define your solution’s benefits.

Create a single best-fit alternative and a short cost-benefit analysis focusing on how your product or service might:


Stop wasting time on tire kickers and instead concentrate on the prospects who matter. Without hesitation, follow the techniques outlined above to identify the tire kickers slowing you down and clean up your sales pipeline.

Maintaining a clean sales pipeline is critical for obtaining accurate sales estimates and keeping the process running smoothly in the future. Track your sales stats to identify tire kickers before they waste your time. 

Knowing your average sales cycle, for example, can assist you in identifying which prospects are waiting longer than necessary to make a final decision. Set up automated sales processes for delayed customers in your pipeline, so you don’t have to spend your time manually following up on deals that never seem to close.

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