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The Best Sales Apps: Mobile Sales Apps Reviews

When you’re just starting out in a new industry or role, it can feel like every sales app out there is an unorganized nightmare. There are so many disconnected features and functions that it’s extremely challenging to keep track of everything. This article is going to cover 6 of the best sales apps for new reps and experienced pros alike.

Sales apps make it easier than ever to stay organized, track your progress through Pipeline and get targeted feedback from your managers on a regular basis. In other words, these are the sales tools that have been proven time and time again by companies just like yours who need their reps to succeed at every moment.

What is a mobile sales app?

A mobile sales app is software that you use on your computer to connect with your customers via smartphones and tablets. The software is available on both your computer and your smartphone, allowing you to have the same sales and marketing software in both locations.

If your sales team is spread around the world or a large area, using a mobile sales app can let them communicate with customers wherever they are, anytime they want. Mobile sales apps let sales teams communicate with customers, gather leads, process orders, track activities, and manage their entire sales process from anywhere, anytime.

If you want to grow your sales, you need to reach out to as many leads as possible. A mobile sales app lets you engage with your customers even if they aren’t comfortable making phone calls or visiting your office. With mobile sales apps, you can engage with leads on their terms, whenever they want.

What Makes a Great Sales App?

Sales apps are important for more than just tracking your progress. They’re also helpful for a variety of other tasks. Here are a few of the most common uses for sales apps. – Creating Sales Opportunities

If you can’t find time to actually create sales opportunities, then you’re never going to meet your quota. Sales apps can help you track your time and create opportunities for your reps. You can set up campaigns and funnels and track their performance. – Training & Recruiting

Sales apps can be an invaluable tool for training and onboarding new reps. As a manager, you can use them to easily create training sessions and track when your reps are completing lessons. You can also use apps to find potential hires and schedule interviews.

Benefits of Mobile Sales Apps

In order to meet customer expectations, sales teams need reliable sales software that can support their efforts from anywhere at any time. It should also help them stay on top of leads, automate the closing process, track interactions with prospects and determine which leads require more attention. A mobile sales app is a great way to achieve all of these goals.

With a mobile sales app, you can connect with more customers through their smartphones than ever before. Customers are now more likely to use apps as opposed to visiting websites or calling for information. This means your customers are more likely than ever to interact with your sales team directly from their smartphones rather than through another device such as a computer or tablet, or even via email or social media.

Thus if they’re not comfortable using your website directly from their phone, they’ll probably be even less comfortable using it through email or social media. For these reasons and others see why you should have a mobile sales app today:

Mobile sales apps help you connect with more leads

While many customers prefer to communicate with sales teams via email or social media, there are always some customers who are comfortable making the call. If you have a mobile sales app that you can connect to via your sales CRM, you can reach out to these leads on their terms.

For example, you can set up a sales call reminder on your sales app and let these leads know when they are next in your schedule. If you have a mobile sales app that integrates with your sales CRM, it can also connect to your sales pipeline and remind you when a new lead has been added to your pipeline. This can help you stay on top of the activities of your sales team and stay focused on closing more deals.

Mobile sales apps help you automate the closing process

Automating the closing process is important because it means you can close more deals and increase your revenue. A closing process that is too manual can result in a lot of frustration, inefficiency, and potential lost revenue.

A mobile sales app can track the entire closing process, from the initial lead-generation stage all the way to the finishing stage – whether that’s through email, social media, or in-person interactions. This can help you see which leads require more attention and stay focused on closing more deals.

Mobile sales apps help you track interactions with prospects

Sales teams can now engage with customers via email, social media, and more than one communication channel. However, there are some customers who prefer to communicate with you via one channel only.

With a mobile sales app, you can integrate with your CRM to track which customers prefer to communicate with you via one channel only. This can help you identify which customers are more eager to hear from you and help you stay focused on those customers only.

Mobile sales apps determine which leads require more attention

Mobile sales apps are great at automating the closing process, tracking interactions with leads, and determining which leads require more attention. However, you need to understand the context of each of these activities to make optimal decisions.

A good way to do this is to study how your best-performing salespeople close deals. Are they always the first person to reach out to a lead, or do they wait until a deal is closed? What are they doing when they reach out to a lead or deal? What do they say? What questions do they ask? How do they sequence those questions?

You can only truly understand best practices by studying those that are performing best. With a mobile sales app, you can collect all of this information and more – and you can do so from anywhere.

6 best sales apps – Best mobile sales apps having the highest market share


best mobile sales app

HubSpot is a marketing software that’s designed for business-to-business (B2B) sales teams. It’s packed full of features that make sales more effective, including a CRM (customer relationship management) system, lead management, and a team dashboard. HubSpot’s CRM is easy to navigate, making it easy to find valuable data about each of your customers.

You can even import information from other CRMs to get a full picture of your customer’s behavior and needs. Their lead management tool lets you set up campaigns that send leads directly to your reps’ inboxes. You can also filter leads based on specific information, such as how long they’ve been a customer or if they’re senior decision-makers.

Once your reps start generating sales with HubSpot, they can see all of their activity on the marketing app’s team dashboard. That way, you can stay up to date with their progress from any location.

Benefits of Hubspot

– increased productivity
– reduced costs
– improved communication and collaboration
– improved efficiency



Zendesk is an online customer support software that’s been around for nearly two decades. It’s designed for companies of all sizes and industries, including B2B companies that sell products or services that customers need to sign up for.

Zendesk’s features make it easy to answer support tickets and provide help to customers while they’re using your products or services. You can choose the option to create a “chatbot,” which is like a real person who can help customers using automated technology.

Zendesk also lets you create categories, boards, and tips to help you organize your tickets and stay on top of what’s happening with your team and your customers.

Benefits of Zendesk

– increased creativity
– improved communication
– improved teamwork
– improved morale
– improved productivity



Leadfeeder is a lead generation software that helps you grow your email list with automated emails. You can create and send email marketing campaigns on your own, but with Leadfeeder, you can automate them and create your own lead generation software.

Unlike other lead generation services, Leadfeeder does not display ads and does not sell your email addresses or contact information to other companies. It’s a free and easy way to build your email list.

Benefits of Leadfeeder

  • – Get more email addresses
  • – Generate leads with your own promotions
  • – Turn subscribers into customers
  • – Create sales funnels
  • – Increase your ROI
  • -Lower cost of sales
  • – Create Automated drip campaigns
  • – Create autoresponders


vidyard best sales app

Digital transformation is creating profound changes in the way businesses operate. This evolution has ushered in a new era of digital marketing that no business can ignore. Vidyard is the digital marketing platform for B2B marketers. Businesses use Vidyard to create, manage and monitor their marketing campaigns across channels such as email, video, and social media.

With Vidyard you will gain access to a wide range of powerful features that make it easy for you to execute your marketing strategy effectively. From analytics and reporting to name field worksheets, user dashboards, and workflow automation – everything your business needs in one place.

Vidyard empowers you to create effective, personalized content and target relevant audiences at scale. You can take advantage of our tools and services through our innovative API or RESTful Web Services interface which gives you access to our full range of functionality without having to learn anything new.

Best features of Vidyard

– improved customer service
– improved video quality
– improved video editing and production
– improved video SEO



Expensify is a cloud-based expense management app that allows you to log your expenses in one place. After you link your bank and credit card accounts, Expense has you covered from there. You can add expenses in minutes and categorize them as business or personal. It’s a great tool for small businesses, freelancers, and anyone who wants to keep track of their spending habits.

Since it’s cloud-based, you can access the app on any computer with an internet connection. If you run a business from home or just want something simple so that you don’t need to remember to log your expenses, then Expensify is for you! The following will explain everything from how it works to why it’s the best expense app for small businesses.

Benefits of Expensify

– reduced paperwork and processing time
– improved data accuracy
– improved communication and collaboration
– improved efficiency



Chorus is a sales app for salespeople and managers. It helps salespeople track their pipeline, organize leads and stay on top of their workload. It’s ideal for anyone selling complex products or services who wants to automate the workflow and make it easier to manage.

Chorus Sales App is the only enterprise-grade sales software that automates the time-consuming tasks of managing lead data, scheduling calls, tracking interactions, generating reports, and automating follow-up emails.

The Chorus Sales App is also known as an extension or add-on to your CRM system. This allows you to connect your Salesforce account without needing to install an additional app in your organization.

Benefits of Chorus

– reduced paperwork and processing time
– improved data accuracy
– improved communication and collaboration
– improved efficiency

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