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Confirmation Emails Templates Examples

Confirmation emails are critical for getting your email subscribers, clients, and buyers on the right path. They can assist you in explaining your procedures, setting appropriate expectations, reducing the support load surrounding important activities, and even increasing sales. They are also an excellent method to enhance the experience of your clients and their purchasing journey.

You are used to receiving a response immediately when contacting a company online. Consider purchasing something or reserving a hotel room without receiving a response via email. This may lead you to question if there was an issue with your purchase, reservation, or event registration. This is why confirmation emails are crucial for your customer’s organization and keeping an overall positive relationship with them.

What are Confirmation Emails?

The purpose of confirmation emails is to notify recipients that the payment process has been completed. A confirmation email contains crucial information regarding the purchase, such as the payment method or shipment details.

Aside from just confirming something, as the name implies, an email of this type can also provide important information, such as activation data when you acquire services, give instructions for the next steps, or offer further purchasing options.

Some reasons you should continue sending confirmation emails are that they tend to appear in the recipient’s principal inbox, are a dependable marketing opportunity, help build trust between you and your customers, establish a positive initial impression, and build the framework for your future email marketing.

Here are three compelling reasons to continue sending confirmation emails:

  • They usually end up in the recipient’s primary inbox
  • They provide a consistent marketing opportunity
  • They contribute to the development of trust

Because confirmation emails have a high open and click-through rate, upselling and cross-selling extra related products is a wise move on your part. They help you develop your relationship with your clients by demonstrating that you care about them.

Types of Confirmation Email

You and other businesses will normally send five different sorts of confirmation emails.

They are as follows:

Subscription confirmed

When someone subscribes to your email list, you’ll send them an email to confirm their subscription.

Order confirmation

You’ll send a transactional email verifying the purchase when a customer buys a product.

Booking reservation

When someone makes a reservation for a vacation, hotel, restaurant, or event, you will send a booking confirmation email to confirm the reservation.

Registration confirmation

When a user registers on your website or membership site, you send them a registration email to confirm their registration.

Email confirmation for in-app actions

SaaS providers frequently send numerous confirmation emails to users to alert them that specific activity or thing has been performed or completed. For example, if you export a contact list in Recharge, you will receive an email with a link to the CSV file once the export is complete.

These events should cause your email marketing software or marketing automation solution to send a confirmation email.

Confirmation Email Templates

Order confirmation

Creating a confirmation email template aims to deliver relevant information to your customers. This means keeping the most critical facts emphasized and easy to find in a short and succinct email for order confirmation emails.

After all, no one wants to sift through a long, drawn-out communication only to confirm their order. Transactional emails, like order confirmation emails, can achieve engagement rates of up to 65% when done correctly.

Personalized recommendations

Including personalized product recommendations in order confirmation emails is an excellent approach to improving sales and retaining consumers. Promoting related or similar products after purchase will expose customers to more of your offerings, hence increasing loyalty and conversions.

Add branding design

Why not include branding in your confirmation email to make it more visually appealing? By including brand design components in your confirmation email, you can develop a consistent style that will stick out to customers. It’s also an excellent strategy to keep your brand at the forefront of your customer’s minds.

Include a map

Most reservation confirmations include critical information such as your guest number and receipt. A map, on the other hand, is quite useful. A map in your confirmation email can be a significant asset for many tourists, improving their customer experience and making your brand more memorable.

What to Include in The Email?

You can be imaginative with your email confirmation messages, but there are two things you must include in your email format:

  • Confirm your customers’ requests
  • Setting appropriate customer expectations
  • Show your customers or users what they should do next, explain what will happen next, and explain why they are receiving this message

Customers receive post-purchase reassurance from confirmation emails. To get the most out of your confirmation emails, do the following:

  • Personalize your customer emails
  • Upsell and cross-sell similar products by recommending them
  • Encourage customer referrals
  • Give a discount on your next purchase

Email confirmation is not made up of a single email. Here is a sample confirmation email sequence you may send to new customers:

  • The first email – Send an order confirmation email immediately after the customer makes a purchase
  • The Second mail – Shipping information
  • The third email – If necessary, share product usage facts (an onboarding email for SaaS companies)
  • The fourth email – Follow up with the customer and request a review


A good email marketing tool is useful in this process. It would be difficult to individually reply to each inquiry, order, or booking. Automated emails make this crucial consumer engagement simple and uncomplicated.

Customer loyalty, engagement, and retention all depend on confirmation emails. Businesses may deliver precise details, instructions, and value to customers by effectively implementing confirmation emails and using fun and innovative graphics to elicit emotion.

Remember, starting with a confirmation email template can assist in guaranteeing that your email is as effective as possible, delivers value, and meets the demands of your consumers.




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