Cold Calling Scripts

Cold Calling Scripts Guaranteed to Win Sales, Examples, Templates, and Pointers

Sales is a game of numbers: You need to make as many calls as possible to find a potential customer willing to buy your product. But how can you be sure that each cold call is effective? Cold calling can seem like an impossible task if you’re just starting. It might even feel like no leads left for you to chase. 

But the fact is that sales professionals have been using the same cold calling scripts for decades, and it works. The trick is knowing what works best in which situation. Read on to learn more about the various types of cold-calling scripts, tips on how and when to use them, and examples of sales scripts that have worked for others.

What is a Cold-Calling Script?

The term “cold calling script” refers to a document that outlines exactly what you should say when you make a sales call. It breaks down the structure of your conversation so that you can train your brain to stay on track. 

This leads to more effective sales calls and fewer sales objections. Cold calling scripts are designed for situations where you don’t have any personal connections to refer clients. For example, offer a service that’s fairly new or specific or you sell a product that’s a niche. You won’t have as many opportunities to build relationships with potential customers. 

You should use a cold calling script to make your calls more effective in these situations. It will help you stay on track and avoid going off on tangents that might confuse your potential customers.

Why You Should Use a Script While Cold Calling

Cold calling scripts allow you to stay on track, avoid getting distracted, and use your time efficiently. When you’re nervous, it can be easy to go off on tangents or say things out of order. You might be rambling, losing focus, or distracted by unimportant details. But with a script, you can avoid these problems. 

With cold calling scripts, you’ll know exactly what to say and when. You can keep your focus on the customer and use your energy to build a relationship with them. You can present your product or service in a way that’s clear and concise and avoid rambling on or answering irrelevant questions. 

You’ll have more confidence during your calls as you become more familiar with your script. This will help you avoid sounding nervous or unsure of yourself, which can be off-putting to your customers.

Which Type of Cold Calling Scripts to Use

There are several types of cold-calling scripts that you can use depending on your situation. Here’s an overview of each one and tips for how and when to use them. 

Introduction Script

The introduction script is the first part of your sales call. You use it to introduce yourself and your company, explain why you’re calling that particular person, and lay out a basic outline of your conversation. 

This script is helpful if you’re cold-calling a new prospect whose name you don’t know. This script sets the stage for your call by letting the other person know what to expect. It will let them know what you’re calling about and allow them to ask questions.

Problem-Solution script

Once you’ve established a rapport with the prospect, you should use these types of cold-calling scripts. You should have already put them at ease and let them know you can help them solve a problem. 

You should talk about the problem they’re experiencing and how your product or service can solve it. This is a good choice if you’re selling a product or service that’s very specific, like IT services for businesses.

Comparative Analysis Script

If you’re selling a fairly general product, like CRM software, you can use a comparative analysis script. This script is fairly broad and can be used with several different products. You should start by asking the prospect what they’re looking for in a product and why they’re interested in your specific product. Then, you can compare your product to their needs, strengths, and weaknesses to show the prospect why yours is a good fit.

How to Create Cold Calling Scripts?

The first step in creating your script is to decide what you want it to achieve. Are you trying to open new leads, follow up with past clients, or nurture warm leads? Once you know what you’re trying to achieve, you can decide what to say. Then, you can start with an outline. 

You don’t need to write a full script and keep adding details until it’s perfect. Instead, you can start with a short outline that includes the most important information, like your company’s name and product. Once you have a general outline, you can start filling in the details and adding the words you’ll use when making the call.

Tips for Using Your Script Effectively

Practice makes perfect

You won’t be perfect the first time you read your script. But you can get better if you practice. 

Know when to start using your script

When you’re just making sales calls, it’s a good idea to use your script every time. 

Use your script as a guide, not a rule

You can use your script as a guide, but you should also be flexible enough to adjust when necessary. 

Make notes on your script

If you’re using a paper script, you can make notes throughout the script where you want to change the wording or want to highlight something.

Keep your script short

Cold-calling scripts are meant to be short and to the point. You want to get to your goal as quickly as possible.

Examples and Templates of Cold Calling Scripts

The perfect fit prospect example

perfect cold call starting

Hi, [PROSPECT’S NAME]. Hello, my name is [YOUR NAME], and I work at [COMPANY].

I wanted to get in touch with you since we’ve got a good solution for [PROBLEM]. I assume that you are searching for a solution seeing as how [PROSPECT’S COMPANY] is in the [INDUSTRY] business.

Do you have a few minutes so I can go over some of the achievements we’ve had in the past with companies that are comparable to yours?

Prospects option example

prospect option example


Hello, [PROSPECT’S NAME]. Hello, my name is [YOUR NAME], and I work for [YOUR COMPANY]. How are you today?

I’m calling to talk to you about how we can assist you in developing [SPECIALTY]. Is that the kind of thing that would pique your interest?

[If the potential client gives their approval]

Great! There are a few various avenues that we can pursue to be of assistance to your firm. The [SPECIALTY] of our [PRODUCT OPTION 1] is the primary emphasis of our [PRODUCT OPTION 2], which was developed specifically for the [SPECIALTY]. Which one would work best for your squad’s needs?

[The customer chooses between options 1 and 2]

Perfect. I would like to ask you a few questions.

[You should question them to obtain a deeper knowledge of how your service can be tailored to meet their requirements in the best possible way.]

Are you free [Time And Date] for just a twenty-minute product demonstration or an in-depth discussion about the product? I can assure you that it will be time well spent.

Referred by someone example


Hi, [PROSPECT’S NAME]. Hello there, my name is [YOUR NAME], and I work for [COMPANY]. How have you been?

Together with our other colleague, [COLLEAGUE’S NAME], I have achieved very successful outcomes with our [SOLUTION]. You were brought up while discussing additional people who could gain advantages from utilizing our [SOLUTION], and [COLLEAGUE’S NAME] mentioned you.

I am impressed by the [TRAIT/PROGRAM] that your company has and enamored by the [THING(S)] that you are accomplishing. I’d like to give you a demonstration and explain how we were able to assist [COLLEAGUE’S NAME] in generating such a high return on investment in such a short period.

Have you got 20 minutes open on [DATE(S)]?

The elevator pitch example

The elevator pitch example

Hi, [PROSPECT’S NAME]. Hello there, my name is [YOUR NAME], and I work for [COMPANY]. How have you been?

Our [SPECIALTY] is what brings the change towards positive growth. Do you have 3 minutes to discuss the various ways in which we might assist [SOLVE ISSUE] using features such as [FEATURE], [FEATURE], as well as [FEATURE]?

Follow-up voicemail example

Follow-up voicemail example

Hi, [PROSPECT]. Hello, my name is [YOUR NAME], and I work for [YOUR COMPANY]. I am following up on the message I sent you on [DATE]. I would like to connect and talk about how we can assist in making your [PAIN POINT] stronger.

I’ll say it again: [YOUR PHONE NUMBER] is my contact information. You can reach me by phone or text anytime, and I look forward to our conversation.


Cold calling can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. Following a proven script will make you more likely to win sales. You’ll have more confidence, sound more prepared, and be less likely to get hung up on. You can use the information in this article to choose the type of cold-calling script that’s best for your situation. 

Once you’ve done that, you can start practicing and get ready to make more sales. Now that you know what a cold calling script is and how to create one, you can start making more sales from your home. Cold calling doesn’t have to be overwhelming. You can focus on your conversation and gain a new customer with a script.


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